Visitors, talking to a chatbot on an iPad

Simply Add an A.I. Chatbot to your Museum

So you're looking for a way to make your exhibition more interactive? Look no further: customize an A.I. persona and add it as a chatbot to Instagram, WhatsApp or to your website (and tablet).

By Adding an A.I. Chatbot,
You Will Get More Engaged Visitors Wherever They Are

Instagram / WhatsApp

Reach your audience where they spend their time: Create a new instagram page or whatsapp account and connect the chatbot to start new conversations.


Inside the Exhibition

You can use a Tablet like an iPad for visitors to chat right next to the Exhibit inside the Museum.

Test it


If you want to make your website more interactive, let users talk to the persona while browsing your digital collections. All you need to do is adding a widget to your website.


How Does it Work?
Adding Creativity + Up To Date AI + a popular CRM Software

EU Servers + US AI

The Chatbot User Interface is provided by Brevo, a EU Newsletter Software with Serves in the EU. Also, the services will be hosted at, another EU based provider.GDPR And here you can find information about OpenAI's Data Privacy

A friendly Persona

As a reference, the Kunsthalle München hosted an Exhibition about a Spanish Artist. So they created a Torero who lived around 1900 that is often referenced in the artist's works. Try talking sh** to him – he will stay nice and even see his work critically.

Most Powerful AI: GPT-4

Why settling for the second best? As long as OpenAI offers the most powerful Large Language Model there is, the chatbot will be based on it. If that changes, we can adapt in a heartbeat.

Kunsthalle Chatbot

Referenz » Kunsthalle München

»Durch die Chatbots erhielten unsere Besucher:innen die Möglichkeit, selbst aktiv zu werden und auf humorvolle Art und Weise mit der Vergangenheit zu interagieren – Zuloagas Zeit holten wir damit in die Gegenwart.«


Implementing an A.I. Chatbot usually takes a month. But it depends on how many customizations you want to add. No Tablets included, just software and hosting. All prices exclude VAT (+19 %).

Widget (Standard)

99 EUR/mo

  • 1 Persona
  • Widget

Tablet Version

249 EUR/mo

  • 1 Persona
  • Widget
  • + Tablet Landingpage

360° Chatbot

299 EUR/mo

  • 1 Persona
  • Widget
  • Tablet Landingpage
  • + Instagram or WhatsApp Integration